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Earnings report Q4 2023

Abbott's Revenue Declines in Latest Quarter

Segments of Revenue

Abbott Laboratories reported a decline in total net sales for the latest quarter. The breakdown of revenue by segment is as follows:

  1. Established Pharmaceutical Products Segment: This segment experienced a 3.1% increase in revenue compared to the previous year. The growth was primarily driven by a 6.0% increase in volume, partially offset by a 4.9% decline in exchange rates.

  2. Nutritional Products Segment: Revenue in this segment increased by 9.3% compared to the previous year. The growth was mainly due to an 11.4% increase in volume, partially offset by a 0.2% decline in exchange rates.

  3. Diagnostic Products Segment: This segment faced a significant decline in revenue, with a decrease of 39.4% compared to the previous year. The decline was primarily driven by a 37.3% decrease in volume and a 1.2% decline in exchange rates.

  4. Medical Devices Segment: Revenue in this segment increased by 14.1% compared to the previous year. The growth was driven by a 1.0% increase in volume and a 14.1% increase in price.


Despite the overall decline in revenue, Abbott demonstrated strength in certain segments. The Established Pharmaceutical Products Segment and the Nutritional Products Segment both experienced growth in revenue. The increase in volume for these segments indicates strong demand for Abbott's products.

Additionally, Abbott's Medical Devices Segment showed significant growth in revenue, driven by both volume and price increases. This suggests that the company's medical devices are in high demand and that Abbott has been able to maintain favorable pricing.


The most significant challenge for Abbott in the latest quarter was the decline in revenue in the Diagnostic Products Segment. This decline was primarily due to a decrease in demand for Abbott's rapid diagnostic tests to detect COVID-19. As the pandemic situation evolves, the demand for these tests has decreased, impacting the segment's revenue.

Furthermore, Abbott's overall operating margin as a percentage of sales has decreased over the past three years. This decline can be attributed to lower COVID-19 testing-related sales, foreign exchange effects, and higher costs for manufacturing inputs. Inflation and supply chain challenges have also impacted Abbott's businesses, leading to higher costs.


It is worth noting that Abbott's international markets contribute significantly to its consolidated net sales, comprising 61% of total net sales. The performance of the company's international operations is crucial for its overall financial performance.


Abbott Laboratories reported a decline in total net sales for the latest quarter, primarily driven by a significant decrease in revenue from the Diagnostic Products Segment. However, the company demonstrated strength in the Established Pharmaceutical Products Segment, Nutritional Products Segment, and Medical Devices Segment, with growth in revenue. Abbott's international markets continue to play a vital role in its overall financial performance. The company faces challenges related to the decline in demand for COVID-19 diagnostic tests and the impact of inflation and supply chain challenges on costs. Overall, Abbott's performance in the latest quarter reflects a mixed outcome, with both strengths and challenges influencing its revenue.

Source documents

Form 10-K  filed on Feb 16, 2024
119 pages scanned

Reference data

Company financials Q4 revenue 10.24B
Analyst estimates Q4 EPS beat by 0.04%
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