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MGRM Nasdaq· Monogram Orthopaedics Inc.
Earnings report Q3 2023

Monogram Orthopaedics Inc. Reports No Revenue in Latest Quarter

Segments of revenue

Monogram Orthopaedics Inc. did not generate any revenue in the latest quarter. The company is currently focused on the commercialization of its robotic products and has not yet commenced sales. As a result, no revenues have been recognized in 2022 or 2023 to date.


Despite the lack of revenue, Monogram Orthopaedics Inc. has made progress in its research and development efforts, with expenses in this area increasing by 109% compared to the same period last year. The company is actively seeking FDA 510(k) clearances for its robotic products, which indicates a commitment to innovation and potential future revenue generation. Additionally, Monogram Orthopaedics Inc. has obtained FDA 510(k) premarket clearance for some of its products, although the timing and ability to obtain clearances for all products remain uncertain.


The main weakness for Monogram Orthopaedics Inc. in the latest quarter is the absence of revenue. As the company focuses on the commercialization of its robotic products, it faces the challenge of obtaining FDA clearances, which can impact the timing and certainty of future revenue generation. The increase in general and administrative expenses by 135% compared to the same period last year also presents a challenge, driven primarily by higher compensation expenses, insurance and regulatory compliance expenses, facilities expenses, and consulting and professional fees.


It is worth noting that Monogram Orthopaedics Inc. has not generated any revenue in the latest quarter, as sales of its products have not yet commenced. The company's focus on research and development and its pursuit of FDA clearances for its robotic products indicate a long-term growth strategy. The increase in general and administrative expenses reflects the company's investment in various areas to support its commercialization efforts.


Monogram Orthopaedics Inc. reported no revenue in the latest quarter as it continues to focus on the commercialization of its robotic products. The company has made progress in research and development, with a significant increase in expenses in this area. However, the absence of revenue and the challenges associated with obtaining FDA clearances for its products pose potential obstacles to future growth. Monogram Orthopaedics Inc. remains committed to innovation and is actively pursuing regulatory clearances, which could lead to revenue generation in the future.

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Form 10-Q  filed on Nov 08, 2023
49 pages scanned

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