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Earnings report Q3 2023

MGRX Reports Revenue of $245,160 in Latest Quarter

Segments of revenue

MGRX generated revenues of $245,160 for the three months ended September 30, 2023. This marks a significant increase compared to the same period in 2022 when the company did not generate any revenues.


The company's revenue generation began in November 2022, and it has shown promising growth since then. MGRX connects consumers to licensed healthcare professionals through its telehealth platform and provides access to a licensed pharmacy for online medication fulfillment. This go-to-market strategy has contributed to the company's revenue growth.


Despite the increase in revenue, MGRX still faces challenges in terms of cost of revenues. In the latest quarter, the cost of revenues amounted to $52,193, resulting in a gross profit of $144,589. The company also incurred significant general and administrative expenses, totaling $1,944,049 for the quarter.


It is worth noting that MGRX did not generate any revenues in the same quarter of the previous year. This highlights the company's progress in establishing its revenue streams and expanding its customer base.


MGRX reported revenue of $245,160 in the latest quarter, showcasing its growth since commencing revenue generation in November 2022. The company's go-to-market strategy, which involves connecting consumers to healthcare professionals through telehealth and providing online medication fulfillment, has contributed to its revenue growth. However, MGRX still faces challenges in managing its cost of revenues and general administrative expenses. Overall, the company's revenue performance in the latest quarter demonstrates its potential for further growth in the telehealth and online pharmacy sectors.

Source documents

Form 10-Q  filed on Oct 27, 2023
3 pages scanned

Reference data

Company financials Q3 revenue 245.2k
Analyst estimates Q3 EPS missed by NaN%
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