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TLF Nasdaq· Tandy Leather Factory Inc
Earnings report Q3 2023

TLF Reports Decrease in Net Sales for the Latest Quarter

Segments of revenue

TLF's net sales for the quarter ended September 30, 2023, decreased by $1.5 million, or 8.0%, compared to the corresponding prior year period. The decrease in sales can be attributed to continued weaker consumer demand resulting from ongoing uncertainty related to global political, economic, and other uncontrollable factors, as well as a decline in certain manufacturing processes such as cutting, splitting, and some assembly.


Despite the decrease in net sales, TLF maintained a gross profit of $10.94 million, with a gross margin percentage of 62.4%. This indicates that the company was able to maintain profitability despite the challenging market conditions. Additionally, TLF's operating expenses decreased by $562,000, or 5.3%, compared to the prior year period, which demonstrates effective cost management by the company.


The main weakness for TLF in the latest quarter was the decline in net sales. The ongoing uncertainty in the global political and economic landscape, coupled with weaker consumer demand, posed challenges for the company's revenue generation. Additionally, the decline in certain manufacturing processes further impacted sales.


TLF operates a total of 103 retail stores, with the majority located in the United States (92 stores). The company also has stores in Canada and Spain. TLF's common shares trade on the Nasdaq Capital Market under the symbol "TLF."


TLF faced a decrease in net sales for the latest quarter, primarily due to weaker consumer demand and ongoing uncertainty in the global political and economic environment. However, the company managed to maintain profitability with a gross profit of $10.94 million and effective cost management. TLF's ability to navigate these challenges will be crucial for future revenue growth.

Source documents

Form 10-Q  filed on Nov 08, 2023
89 pages scanned

Reference data

Company financials Q3 revenue 17.5M
Analyst estimates Q3 EPS missed by NaN%
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