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Earnings report Q3 2023

ThoughtWorks Holding, Inc. Reports Decreased Revenue in Latest Quarter

Segments of revenue

ThoughtWorks Holding, Inc. generated $280.2 million in revenue for the quarter ended September 30, 2023. This represents a decrease compared to the $332.4 million in revenue generated in the same quarter last year. The company's revenue is derived from various segments, including enterprise modernization, platforms & cloud; customer experience, product & design; data & artificial intelligence; digital application management & operations; and digital transformation & operations.


Despite the decrease in revenue, ThoughtWorks Holding, Inc. remains a leader in providing professional services to solve complex business problems with technology as the differentiator. The company's management emphasizes its ability to deliver value to clients through its diverse mix of delivery professionals and its expertise in various service areas. The pricing structure, which is predominantly time-and-materials, allows for flexibility and customization to meet client needs.


The decrease in revenue compared to the same quarter last year indicates a challenge for ThoughtWorks Holding, Inc. The company's operating expenses, including cost of revenues, selling, general and administrative expenses, depreciation and amortization, and restructuring costs, remained relatively high. These expenses contributed to a loss from operations of $9.2 million for the quarter.


ThoughtWorks Holding, Inc. experienced a decline in revenue, which can be attributed to various factors such as market conditions, client demand, and competition. The company's management did not provide specific reasons for the decrease in revenue in the financial report. However, it is worth noting that the company continues to focus on delivering innovative solutions and leveraging technology to drive digital transformation for its clients.


ThoughtWorks Holding, Inc. faced a challenging quarter with a decrease in revenue compared to the same period last year. The company's diverse mix of delivery professionals and expertise in various service areas remain its strengths. However, the high operating expenses and the overall decline in revenue pose challenges for the company. ThoughtWorks Holding, Inc. will need to closely monitor market conditions and adapt its strategies to drive revenue growth in the future.

Source documents

Form 10-Q  filed on Nov 07, 2023
7 pages scanned

Reference data

Company financials Q3 revenue 252M
Analyst estimates Q3 EPS missed by -37.01%
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