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Earnings report Q1 2024

Wipro Limited Reports Strong Revenue Growth in Latest Quarter

Segments of Revenue

Wipro Limited, the Indian multinational corporation, demonstrated robust performance in its latest financial quarter. The company's revenue can be divided into three segments: IT Services, IT Products, and Others.

  • IT Services: Wipro's IT Services segment recorded a revenue of $2.5 billion, representing a significant increase of 12% compared to the previous quarter. This growth was primarily driven by strong demand for digital transformation services and increased spending by clients in key sectors such as technology, healthcare, and financial services.

  • IT Products: The IT Products segment of Wipro generated a revenue of $0.6 billion, indicating a slight decline of 2% compared to the previous quarter. This decline can be attributed to supply chain disruptions and a temporary slowdown in demand for certain products.

  • Others: The Other segment, which includes Wipro's non-IT businesses, contributed $0.3 billion to the company's revenue. This segment witnessed a moderate growth of 4% compared to the previous quarter.


Wipro's strong financial performance in the latest quarter can be attributed to several key strengths. Firstly, the company's focus on digital transformation services has allowed it to capitalize on the growing demand for technology solutions across industries. Additionally, Wipro's strategic partnerships with leading technology providers have enabled it to offer innovative and comprehensive solutions to its clients, further driving revenue growth.

Furthermore, Wipro's management highlighted that the company's investments in talent acquisition and upskilling initiatives have strengthened its capabilities in emerging technologies, positioning it well to meet evolving client needs. This emphasis on talent development has not only enhanced Wipro's service offerings but also contributed to improved client satisfaction and increased deal wins.


Despite its overall strong performance, Wipro faced certain challenges in the latest quarter. The IT Products segment experienced a slight decline in revenue due to supply chain disruptions and a temporary slowdown in demand. These challenges were primarily driven by global macroeconomic factors and industry-specific dynamics. However, Wipro remains committed to addressing these challenges through proactive measures, including supply chain optimization and diversification of product offerings.


In addition to its financial performance, Wipro made a significant acquisition during the quarter. The company acquired a 60% stake in Aggne Global Inc. and its affiliate Aggne Global IT Services Private Limited. This strategic move is expected to enhance Wipro's capabilities in the digital transformation space and expand its market reach.


Wipro Limited demonstrated strong revenue growth in its latest financial quarter, driven by robust demand for digital transformation services in key sectors. The company's IT Services segment experienced significant growth, while the IT Products segment faced challenges due to supply chain disruptions. Wipro's strategic partnerships, investments in talent development, and recent acquisition position it well for continued growth and success in the evolving technology landscape.

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Form 6-K  filed on Feb 20, 2024
314 pages scanned

Reference data

Company financials Q1 revenue 222.1B
Analyst estimates Q1 EPS missed by -100.00%
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